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A proposal to overhaul Obamacare is slim on key details about protecting people with pre-existing conditions, healthcare experts say.

A group of more than two dozen policy analysts and think tanks on Wednesday released the proposed replacement to convert Obamacare funding into block grants. Obamacare allies and Democrats say the plan would “gut” protections for people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer or diabetes, but the group says those protections are included.

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“No matter how they try to spin it, it contains the same devastating provisions: it would gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, impose an age tax on older Americans, and end Medicaid expansion,” said Brad Woodhouse, campaign director for the pro-Obamacare group Protect Our Care.

His group and others staged a protest outside of a news conference Wednesday in Washington announcing the plan.

The group, led by former Sen. Rick Santorum and supported by the Heritage Foundation and the conservative Galen Institute, say that the bill doesn’t hurt pre-existing condition protections.

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