The American people have been patiently waiting for answers regarding the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

The shooting took place two months ago in Las Vegas, Nevada, when retired accountant Stephen Paddock unloaded thousands of rounds into a crowd of 22,000 country music fans attending a concert below his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort.

The Oct. 1 shooting left 58 people dead and more than 500 injured.

According to information obtained by the LV Review-Journal, newly revealed search warrant records show the scale of the investigation.

The first warrant came five hours after Paddock opened fire on the audience of an outdoor country music festival from his 332nd-floor hotel room nearby.

In the warrant, a Metropolitan Police Department sergeant asked to be given access to multiple items inside Paddock’s Mandalay Bay hotel room and his car, if the items were found.

According to the report, the sergeant hoped to locate and collect the following:

—Any of Paddock’s identifying paperwork, including rent receipts, proof of insurance and Department of Motor Vehicles registration records.

—Any writings that potentially documented active shooter plans.

—Any photographs, video or audio, as well as DVDs, CDs, cell phones, computers, tablets and gaming consoles.

—Paddock’s phone records, including call history, voicemails and contacts.

—A “thorough, microscopic examination and documentation” of the crime scene, including “fingerprints, blood, hair, fibers and bodily fluid samples.”

—Any of Paddock’s clothing — worn or unworn — as well as his bags or backpacks.

Any and all firearms, including “handguns, shotguns and rifles,” spent or live ammunition, firearm cleaning materials and any paperwork documenting the ownership of those firearms.

The last request on that warrant: Paddock’s body.

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