Just last week, Mexican police caught four men in the process of carting a kamikaze drone equipped with an IED and remote detonator. This disturbing scene was foretold by top American security chiefs earlier this year, who warned Congress that terrorists would begin to use drones to attack targets on U.S. soil.

A new analysis by Small Wars Journal reveals that Mexican drug cartels had already been using drones to smuggle their product into the U.S., and they had been using IEDs in their turf wars. Now, the two technologies appear to have merged, according to Mexican reports.

“A weaponized drone/unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/unmanned aerial system (UAS) with a remotely detonated IED allows for a precision strike to take place against an intended target,” Robert Bunker and John P. Sullivan, the authors of the new analysis, wrote.

The drone-IED combination was discovered during a traffic stop in central Mexico by federal police who were investigating a stolen pickup truck with four men in it.

Police found an AK-47, ammunition, phones and what the Small Wars Journal authors said appears to be a 3DR Solo Quadcopter, which retails for about $250 online. A remote-controlled IED was taped to the drone.