Republicans across the country are preparing to unite behind their presidential nominee Donald Trump prior to the RNC. However, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan won’t be among them.

Many are deriding the Republican governor for his repudiation of Trump, and are baffled he couldn’t stay on track to aid the people’s choice for the Republican nominee. Maryland’s Trump delegates will convene in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, and some are livid at Hogan’s lack of leadership as the symbolic head of their state party. They not Hogan as being a tepid supporter of the Maryland GOP even before he failed to back Trump.

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“I don’t see any other way about it. You’re either helping Trump or you’re helping Hillary Clinton,” said Joe Collins Jr., a Trump delegate from Baltimore.

“You’re not the ordinary Joe Schmo,” Collins said of the governor. “You’re the top of the Maryland Republican Party ticket. At that time, you need to get behind the nominee, or you need to keep your mouth shut. If you can’t support him, then you need to be quiet and go sit in your corner until the game is over.