The Republican National Committee organized an assembly line to create hundreds of Christmas care packages for troops overseas in its Washington, D.C., headquarters Tuesday afternoon. The line looked like something out of  “Santa’s Workshop,” The Washington Free Beacon noted (see videos below).

Staffers transformed the site’s lobby into a factory of sorts, housing tables filled with items used to assemble over 300 care packages. The packages included:

  • socks,
  • razors,
  • shampoo,
  • chips,
  • protein bars,
  • candy,
  • playing cards,
  • and books.

Staffers added hand-drawn Christmas cards, on which they wrote personal messages, and gifts, such as a football or a collection of hot sauce packets. One package contained an extra special gift, as the Beacon reports:

One box, packed up by RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, was topped off with what was deemed the “golden ticket:” a Make America Great Again hat signed by President Donald Trump.

The RNC also included gifts for military dogs, with packages that included squeaky toys, treats, bones, and even a cooling pad for dogs for the hottest of days.

The boxes were packed with items under the advice of Chad Longell, a veteran who serves as the RNC’s director of military and veteran engagement.

“As a veteran, I can tell you, getting a care-package during the holidays can really boost morale,” Longell said. “They’re far away from all these everyday supplies we can just easily walk a block or two to get—getting a little piece of home in a faraway place really means a lot.”

“I definitely want this to be an annual tradition for the RNC,” McDaniel told the Beacon. “My staff has loved getting involved in this. Most importantly, it’s a way to support our veterans, who we should be thinking about all year long but especially during the holidays when they’re away from families.”

“I think it’s a great way to bring this country together, to unify around supporting our veterans,” McDaniel affirmed.