In a signal that they are fully coming on board with presumptive GOP nominee, the Republican Party is working to build a robust campaign for Donald Trump, in a race to fill the void in his frugally staffed team.  

The Washington Examiner reports that Trump is entering the general election with an organization even smaller than Mitt Romney had four years ago.   Trump has won the primary season by dominating the media coverage and utilizing social media tools.  

The GOP is stepping in to assist in developing a ground game and a data analytics program.  Since being outclassed by Obama in 2012, the GOP has spent over $100 million to construct a cutting edge voter turnout and digital operations program, but they are still behind, says Washington Examinerbecause Hillary Clinton started ramping up in this area over a year ago, and Trump has not.   Trump currently employees about 70 paid staff, while Clinton has more than 700.

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However, Trump has mastered a skill Clinton has not – knowing how to leverage his popularity with massive campaign rallies, driving discussion on social media, and overwhelming his opponents by dominating TV news coverage.  The approach has allowed him to spend much less than his competition.

The RNC currently has a team of 287, plus more than 3,200 trained volunteers – all of which will be used for the Trump campaign.   The RNC assures it will be ready to compete with Clinton by the time of the national convention in Cleveland.