Mitt Romney gave an interview with CNN on Friday and basically stole a previously held term by former President Ronald Reagan and construed it into his own application when describing his opinion on Donald Trump’s candidacy. The term coined by Reagan is “trickle down economics,” a term used describe Reagan’s economic and fiscal policy back in the 1980’s which was helpful to the nation’s economy.

Well, Romney has reworded the phrase into “trickle down racism” towards Trump during his interview with Wolf Blitzer. Romney also made it clear he will still not support nor vote for Trump in November.

“I don’t want to see trickle-down racism. I don’t want to see a president of the United States saying things which change the character of the generations of Americans that are following. Presidents have an impact on the nature of our nation, and trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny, all these things are extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of America,” said Romney.