It’s no hidden secret that media personality Rosie O’Donnell isn’t exactly a fan of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. During her concert series at the Beacon Theater in New York with Boy George and Cyndi Lauper, she decided to stray from the routine to ridicule Trump by making some of the most repulsive, unfunny comments yet.

“I would rather give birth to a flaming iguana while taking a s—. I hate him,” O’Donnell said about Trump on Wednesday. Then at one point Rosie O’Donnell grabbed her crotch and said “He’s a shit stain. Eat me, Donald.”

O’Donnell claims she is also depressed because “I fucking hate that orange piece of shit.”

The comments came out awkward and graceless, with crowd giving a slight chuckle. But otherwise, the audience wasn’t exactly rolling off he seats laughing at O’Donnell’s inappropriate “jokes.”

“Not everyone was impressed,” one person who recorded the event said. “People around me were shaking their heads in disagreement.”