Democratic senate candidate Doug Jones is fighting for a seat in Alabama’s special election in December against embattled GOP candidate Roy Moore. Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women, and in a new video commercial, Jones uses those allegations to his advantage.

Jones has posted a video (see below) which includes names and pictures of some of the women who have accused Moore, including his first accuser, Leigh Corfman. She accused Moore, then 32, of initiating a sexual encounter with her when she was only 14. The video also includes Beverly Young Nelson, who made allegations of a sexual assault against Moore, which she said occurred when she was just 16.

Neither woman’s allegations has been proven. Moore has denied all of the allegations, and maintains that the women are speaking out due to political motivations.

Jones tweeted out his new campaign video (see tweet below), writing only, “Immoral” in his message.

In Jones’ campaign video, the women appear before a voice-over says, “And the list is growing. They were girls when Roy Moore immorally pursued them. Now they are women, witnesses to us all of his disturbing conduct. Will we make their abuser a U.S. senator?”

On Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump showed a small sign of support for Moore over Jones, saying he’d seen Jones’ record and found it lacking in many important areas.

“We don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat,” Trump said, referring to Jones.

Trump also said that Moore’s denials should be given some consideration. His comments sparked ire in the media, and a panelist on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” said Wednesday that the Republican Party risks becoming the “party of pedophiles.”

As it stands, Moores accusers include the following who say there was no inappropriate sexual contact:

  • Wendy Miller was 16 when she says Moore he asked her on dates.
  • Debbie Wesson Gibson was 17 when she says Moore asked her out on a date.
  • Gloria Thacker Deason was 18 when she says Moore took her on dates.
  • Becky Gray was 22 when she says Moore repeatedly asked her out, causing her to complain to her manager.Other accusers include:

Other accusers say there was inappropriate physical contact. They include:

  • Leigh Corfman was 14 when she says Moore had sexual contact with her that went beyond kissing, though they did not have intercourse.
  • Beverly Young-Nelson, 16 when she says Moore “groped her and tried to push her head into his crotch.”
  • Tina Johnson, 29 when she says Moore flirted with her and touched her butt.
  • Gena Richardson, 18 when she says Moore planted an unwanted kiss on her lips.

Wednesday afternoon, John Rogers, Roy Moore’s campaign communications director, resigned from his position.