It seems so long ago that the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, stood next Donald Trump on the debate stage. Facts is, it wasn’t much more than a month ago when Rubio’s campaign suddenly dropped off the cliff.

Rubio tried going toe to toe with Trump — telling jokes about Trump’s small hands — but he was no challenge to Trump and it all backfired.  Rubio came across looking like a child and unfit for the presidency.

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Despite the friction between Trump and Rubio, the presumptive GOP nominee has said that he would consider Rubio as a running mate.  Marco Rubio responded today by distancing himself from such a role.

The Senator on Tuesday declined to offer Donald Trump a formal endorsement and said he’s not interested in being Trump’s vice president, although he will support the GOP nominee in accordance with a pledge he made during the primary fight.

Rubio told CNN, “I stand by the things that I said” referring to his past criticisms of the presumptive nominee, including calling him a “con man” and saying he shouldn’t be given access to nuclear codes. “But I’m not going to sit here right now and become his chief critic over the next six months, because he deserves the opportunity to go forward and make his argument and try to win.”
Rubio’s comments come on the same day Trump told the Associated Press that he has created a short list of running mates.