Shifting focus away from Trump’s poorly timed feud with Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), House Speaker Paul Ryan revealed in a closed-door meeting with House Republicans, on Tuesday, that he plans to have their version of a tax reform bill on the floor by next week. The speaker’s timeline shouldn’t be underestimated, as he has demonstrated his skill in legislative procedure with his House passage of the GOP’s healthcare bill earlier this year.

The Speaker laid out that ambitious timeline during a closed-door meeting of House Republicans in the basement of the Capitol, according to sources in the room.

House GOP leaders have decided to take up the fiscal 2018 budget resolution that the Senate passed last week. Approving that budget will allow Republicans to fast track their tax reform plan without needing to secure any Democratic votes in the Senate.

“Passing the budget this Thursday will provide for us the runway to take off on tax reform, as the Speaker indicated, with a landing pad by the end of the year on the president’s desk,” said Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.), who serves on the Ways and Means Committee that is writing the tax bill.

Reed and other Ways and Means Republicans will hold day-long meetings Tuesday and Wednesday in the Longworth Building to hash out more of the details of the tax plan.

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