Thursday night, before the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals, one player who has been a staunch participant of the kneeling protest movement at NFL games actually stood for the anthem, along with his entire team.

Defensive end Michael Bennett stood and linked arms with the other players during the anthem performance.

Bennett had indicated the day before that he might stand for the anthem, in recognition of Veterans Day.

Ironically, his father, Bennett Sr, is a Navy veteran, but has spoken out in support of his son’s protests.

“I joined the military so people like Michael and Martellus and whoever else out there can take a knee or make a stand, peacefully, and get their point across and not be ridiculed. I lose all respect for people if you really can’t see what’s going on in your own country that you live in everyday.  People don’t care about people. They care about animals and they care about people that look like they look,” Bennett Sr. told Sports Illustrated recently.

It is anticipated Bennett will go back to kneeling for future games.

Bennett was also in the news over a run-in with law enforcement in Las Vegas on August 27. Officers had received a report of an active shooter at an after-hours club on the Las Vegas Strip, and stopped Bennett for questioning as he was running away from the gunshots.

At the time, there was a suspected shooter on the loose, and Bennett was identified as suspicious after he hid from police inside a casino and attempted to flee the scene. Having no ID on him, officers handcuffed him and detained him in the back of a patrol car for about 10 minutes, until they determined he was not a threat.  Afterwards, he jumped on Twitter, claiming he had been racially profiled, a claim that was later proven to be untrue.