In a Business Insider report, an innovative software engineer working in Silicon Valley shares his story about being a Donald Trump fan. It’s actually quite difficult; since telling his friends of his presidential favorite, he has been isolated and shunned by the highly intolerant, liberal environment.

“Silicon Valley these days is a very intolerant place for people who do not hold so called ‘socially liberal’ ideas,” the engineer “Jake” says, whose real name is redacted in anonymity for his own career safety. He fears his chosen support for Trump will cost him his job, which is truly a shame.

Some of the report can be read here:

Jake is like many people working in Silicon Valley.

The software engineer works for a big tech company, went to a top-tier university, and loves doing innovative work.

But one thing makes him very different: He supports Donald Trump.

In Silicon Valley — which prides itself on open-mindedness, a system of meritocracy, and a thirst for innovation — Jake’s support of Trump is more than just outside the mainstream. It’s a dangerous liability.

Since he’s told people of his support, friends who he thought were close have stopped talking to him. His coworkers shirk the subject. What used to be personal relationships at work are now only professional conversations, he says.

Now Jake tries to keep his Trump support a secret. Despite supporting the candidate both financially and in person, Jake believes his entire career could be at risk if his name were publicly linked to Trump. Business Insider agreed to interview him over email on conditions of anonymity and that we change his first name in the story.

The rest of the story can be read at Business Insider.