Kentucky State Sen. Ralph Alvarado was an honorary RNC speaker in Cleveland who directly addressed Hispanic Americans, a group the liberal media tries to lament that Donald Trump struggles to gain support from. Though, evidence proves otherwise.

Alvarado, the first Hispanic elected official in the Kentucky state Senate, spoke in Spanish during part of his speech, asking Hispanics directly to vote for Trump. He then took a swipe at Hillary Clinton, who is far outpacing her GOP rival with Latinos.

“I have a message for one more person: Hillary Clinton; You have failed the Hispanic community and you don’t deserve our votes,” he said.

The night features two more Hispanic politicians: Marco Rubio, who only taped a video message as he campaigns for reelection, and Ted Cruz, who is not expected to directly endorse Donald Trump.

Alvarado was followed by pastor Darrell Scott, an African-American religious leader, who had the crowd on its feet with a rousing sermon-like speech.