Charlie Sheen is denying allegations that surfaced on Wednesday, saying the actor had raped Corey Haim when he was 13 years old in the 1980s, during the filming of “Lucas.”

Dominick Brascia has come out publicly to reveal that Haim, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 38, told him about his sexual relationship with Sheen.

He further noted that Haim said the two “smoked pot” and “had anal sex” on the set of “Lucas.” He suggested that Haim was in love with Sheen, but Sheen distanced himself from the boy after their sexual encounter.

Since Sheen was 19 at the time, it doesn’t matter if the encounter was “consensual,” it would still be considered as statutory rape because Haim was just a child.

Brascia also claimed that Sheen and Haim had sex years later when Haim was in his 20s. “Haim told me he had sex with Sheen again,” Brascia wrote. “He claimed he didn’t like it and was finally over Sheen. He said Charlie was a loser.”

Much of Brascia’s story echoed what Haim’s longtime friend Corey Feldman had written in his memoir, “Coreyography,” in 2013. “So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers during a lunch break for the cast and crew, and Haim, innocent and ambitious as he was, allowed himself to be sodomized,” Feldman wrote.

Feldman is currently in the process of raising funds to create a film that he says will expose a ring of pedophiles in Hollywood, and Sheen seems to be just the beginning.

In brief statements made to People and The Hollywood Reporter, however, Sheen has denied the allegations. “Charlie Sheen categorically denies these allegations,” said a rep for the “Two and a Half Men” star. “He absolutely denies the claim.”