Outspoken Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke advised President Obama and U.S. officials to stop trying to “understand” radical Islam and instead focus on destroying it.

Clarke’s remarks came Saturday on Fox News’ “Cost of Freedom” in the aftermath of the horrific terror attack in Nice, France, which left at least 84 people dead and hundreds wounded. Two Americans were killed.

“I’m through trying to understand the sick ideology of (radical) Islamism. Instead of trying to understand it, we ought to just try to kill it as an ideology,” he said. Clarke then criticized President Barack Obama for failing to lay out an effective strategy to fight violent radical Islamic terror and “lecturing” Americans on Islam.

“There’s no clear, coherent strategy either at the federal or the local level to do anything about this, to destroy this ideology,” the sheriff added.

He was then asked what he’d like to hear from Donald Trump on the issue. His answer is below: