Appearing Friday morning on “Fox & Friends,” singer Joy Villa, who wore a “Make America Great Again” dress at the 2017 Grammy Awards, said she is considering running for Congress.

“We’re looking right now, but I’m leaning towards a yes,” Villa said, adding, “I’m looking at Florida, I’m looking at California, and I’m looking at New York because these are all places I live and work and have grown up in, communities I have a connection to.”

“It has to be tactical, it has to be strategic. It can’t be just willy-nilly. If I run, I’m going to win,” she promised, agreeing that Florida is probably her best option.

“Right now, there’s such a need for … good congressmen and good people in office, putting for the aims of the people, not just their own agenda,” Villa said, before running through a list of congresswomen she would like to oust, such as Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi.

“We’re destroying this country,” she observed, saying it is time for strong women to step up, win and support the president.

Villa, 31, admitted she would be running as an “outsider,” having never been in politics before, but “definitely as a Republican.” She expressed concern about supporting legal immigrants, instead of illegals, helping American citizens flourish and prosper and grow the economy.

A video of her complete interview can be seen below.

President Trump tweeted out his congratulations and encouragement after this morning’s program, saying, “Good luck to Joy Villa on her decision to enter the wonderful world of politics. She has many fans!”

In her excitement over receiving a tweet from the president, Villa first responded: “I’M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!”

Later, she tweeted another response directly to President Trump, saying, “Thank you so much Mr. President, you have inspired ME to be great! You are my ultimate warrior role model…it’s our time to keep winning!🇺🇸”