It’s been known for a few weeks now that based on delegate counts and attained endorsements, Hillary Clinton is sure to receive the Democratic nomination over Bernie Sanders for the 2016 election against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. While Bernie fans and Sanders himself are still in denial of this reality, some supporters on the far left socialist spectrum are aware of this and have proposed Sanders drop out of the race after the June 7 California primary.

Their reasoning is written in a 3-page proposal stating Sanders should isolate himself from Clinton and the Democrat Party to create an all new, revolutionary political identity and organization. The scribers of this document are supporters and campaign staff members working in anonymous discretion without authority from the Sanders campaign. They believe their ideas will mobilize voters to help defeat Trump in the 2016 election, stating in the document they wish to “facilitate the growing voice of a new generation of activists.”

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Between the hardships of time constraints with fundraising and mobilizing voters to go against the grain, this proposal seems politically asinine. This sentiment was even shared by Sanders’ own spokesman Michael Briggs: “This document is something that neither the senator nor anyone he works with has seen. We have no idea who wrote it. We could care less about the document. It’s totally irrelevant.”

Or so they say.