Earlier this week, we reported presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump will stand his ground and sell his buildings to raise money for his campaign before bowing down to outside donors wishing to control him. While this may detract some heavy hitting donors, some are still valiant and will support the candidate financially out of personal, genuine care for the country to be led by the Republican frontrunner.

Now, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has hopped aboard the Trump Train and prepares to donate and fundraise big time for the presumptive nominee. Johnson had previously been attached as a supporter to Jeb bush, but since we all know how that went down, the American businessman and philanthropist is ready to throw in big dollar amounts.He previously contributed $500,000 to Right to Rise, the super-PAC that supported Bush.In May 2008, he arranged a fundraiser for John McCain’s cash-starved presidential campaign that brought in $7 million in a single evening.

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Clearly, having Johnson as a backer in the Republican mix will benefit well for Trump. At first, he was reluctant to support him after Jeb failed out of the race. “I think I want to focus on football,” Johnson told reporters in late March. Looks like Trump convinced him otherwise.