An Iowa state senator just became the first elected official to actually LEAVE the Republican party over Donald Trump.

Announcing on Tuesday that he was changing his registrationto “No Party” due to Trump’s comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, Iowa state senator David Johnson said, “I haven’t supported Mr. Trump at any point along the way, but I’m calling his racist remarks the last straw.”

He went even further, comparing Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination to the rise of Hitler.   He also condemned Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S., and asked “who’s next?  Are we going to come down on Jews?  He’s not fit to be president.

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Johnson, the former Republican, said he’s still hopeful that the GOP will “dump Trump” at the convention in Cleveland, and he condemned other Republicans, such as Paul Ryan, who were willing to condemn Trump’s comments as “racist” but say they will still vote for him.

He said he doesn’t know how his constituents are going to react to him leaving the GOP, but “I am taking a stand and feel good about it.”

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