On Sunday, Stormy Daniels’s lawyer tweeted a photo of Daniels sitting with a forensic expert. She is believed to be attempting to produce a likeness of an individual Daniels claims threatened her to remain silent about an alleged affair with President Donald Trump.

From The HillMichael Avenatti tweeted the photo of Daniels alongside Lois Gibson, whom he touted as “the foremost forensic artist in the world.” Daniels can be seen reviewing images of faces while Gibson sketches on an easel.

Gibson claims she has helped law enforcement identify more than 750 criminals.

The photo comes the day after Avenatti hyped a “major announcement” about efforts to identify the individual who Daniels said threatened her and her infant daughter in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011 to remain quiet about her affair with Trump.Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, filed the suit last month claiming that a nondisclosure agreement she signed regarding an alleged affair with Trump is invalid because he never signed it.

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