A Florida student fatally shot himself on Tuesday morning at Lake Minneola High School, police said. According to WKMG, deputies say the shooting was a “planned event,” and that there had been no threat to other students.

As classes were beginning, the student, whose name and age have not been released, tragically shot himself in a courtyard area near the bus loop just before 8 a.m.

The weapon used has been recovered, deputies said. Reports indicate that a handgun was located after the shooting, and the owner of the weapon is unknown.

Paramedics took the student to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, authorities say.

WKMG Reports:

The boy’s family was informed about the shooting, and a chaplain was meeting with them, officials said.

Lake County sheriff’s spokesman John Harrell said the shooting occurred during a pre-planned fire drill, at which time a classmate found the wounded student.

“We have reasons to believe that this was a planned event,” said Harrell, who added that it’s not believed any student witnessed or heard the shooting. [The courtyard near the bus loop] is out in the open, but it was not a very populated and crowded area at that time. It seems like the majority of the student body was on the other side of the building.”

Some parents began to gather outside of the school to get updates, and some students were removed from school for the day. Classes did resume later in the day.

A crisis team, including grief counselors, will help comfort students, Lake County school officials said.