Another women has come forward with allegations against Donald Trump and his possible sexual misconduct, marking her the tenth accuser to date.  The woman is claiming Trump groped her against her will almost two decades ago.

New York City resident, Karena Virginia, at a Thursday press conference said that she was patiently waiting for her car to go home while attending the US Open tennis tournament in 1998.  She says that’s when Trump noticed her and began to speak about her with a group of male friends.

Virginia, 27 at the time, claims Trump walked over and without any warning put his hand on her right breast when he asked: “Do you know who I am?”

During her press conference, Virginia was in tears as she told her story. “I believe we are in a moment of crisis and I believe we are all needing to find inner peace,” said Virginia, a married yoga instructor and mother of two.

Virginia refused to answer questions after she made her statement at the conference.  But she did say she is not looking to sue the GOP nominee.

It is of interest to note that her husband is a lawyer who represents unions in New York.

“His response is ludicrous,” said Gloria Allred regarding Trump dismissing the claims at the debate Wednesday, before going on to speak about Virginia. “Today’s victim also is noteworthy in that her allegations demonstrate how Mr. Trump selects his victims at random.”

Below is a video of the press conference, as well as a Facebook post regarding the matter.  You watch, you read, and then you decide.