Some of you may have thought the Daily Show ended with Jon Stewart’s retirement, but no, the show is still going on now with novice host Trevor Noah. Wednesday night on the television show, Noah ripped into the much anticipated interview between presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and Fox News host Megyn Kelly that aired on Tuesday. He jokes Kelly did not ask hard hitting questions to Trump, and that the whole gig seemed like a promotion of their brands and imaging rather than proper hard-hitting journalism.

While Trump has yet to respond to Noah, or if he even chooses to give him attention, Kelly responded to Noah’s criticism on Twitter on Thursday. “So grateful I have men like @Trevornoah 2 advise on how to deal w/gender attacks – I’m sure his life experience is far better than mine on this!” Kelly tweeted sarcastically.

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Noah hasn’t been the only one to criticize Kelly. Erik Wemple from The Washington Post wrote that Kelly never got “personal about what Trump had done to her,” and chief media writer at the Poynter Institute Jim Warren described the interview as a “soft-as-a-grape session.” Kelly was also quick to respond to these critics as well:

“[They have] bias against Trump, against Fox News or against the GOP. Wemple has made no secret of his hatred for Trump, calling him a bigot and a misogynist. Today, Wemple is upset that I quote ‘did not get personal about what Trump’s behavior has done to my life. As if an interview about Trump should instead be about me. And Warren once dismissed the entire Republican Party as quote ‘anti-female.’”

Kelly also mentions that the interview “earned the scourge of many in the mainstream media because it was not a takedown of Trump.” You can watch Noah’s segment here.