YahNé Ndgo, a “Bernie Lover” and speaker at the Green Party convention in Houston, Texas, asked convention goers the following question:

“Are you going to try to go inside there and reform this [Democratic] Party, that has demonstrated in every way, with every opportunity, that they really do not give a flying f**k about what it is you care about?” “And for me, that’s not a hard decision. Are you going to open up your mind to the possibility that there is something in place, an organization, a national organization that is already in place, that actually wants to hear from, and represent, your needs, your interests, and your leadership?”

Green Party candidates and delegates are currently in Houston for their 2016 Presidential Nominating Convention. Both the Green Party and their presumptive presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein, are appealing to disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters, and “Never Hillary” voters, as a secondary option or “Plan B.”