Radio show host and webTV anchor Alex Jones decided to ambush the set of The Young Turks on Thursday. The Young Turks was broadcasting from the GOP Convention at the time.

The Young Turks is a liberal web-based TV network that is very popular with millennials and relies solely on YouTube for delivery. With 3 million subscribers, The Young Turks is the brainchild of Cenk Uygar, a former host at MSNBC.

Jones ambushed Uygar during the taping of a show. Jones, who has 1.5 million subscribers, marched onto the stage with camera crew and former Trump advisor, Roger Stone. After heated words were exchanged between Uygar and Stone, Jones handed Uygar a t-shirt of Bill Clinton’s face underscored by the word “Rape.” This sparked more heated words and the melee started when Uygar lost his temper (see video).