Liberal media news is REALLY trying these days to fabricate stories about presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump to undermine his candidacy. The newest story involves New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has been a staunch and loyal supporter of Trump since earlier this year.

According to The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza, a Republican source told him a Trump campaign worker saw Christie getting Trump’s food order at McDonald’s. Apparently the evidence was caught on the social media app Snapchat, and Lizza claims Christie has become Trump’s “manservant” since he gave the endorsement.

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Christie spokesman Brian Murray denied the incident ever occurred. And not only does the story sound like “he said she said” hogwash to dig at Trump, but who cares if it really did happen. If it did, what’s so wrong with a friend grabbing a some fries and Big Macs for a friend? After all, Trump did just throw a lavish fundraiser for Christie a few weeks back.

Regardless of Trump’s billionaire status and power, it seems highly unlikely the business mogul is making governors into his personal “manservants.” The liberal media is truly growing desperate.