The liberal media is preparing to tune up their attacks on Donald Trump going forward. On Sunday, Spanish-language Univision anchor Jorge Ramos made a call to all journalists, urging them to take a more active approach on covering the Republican nominee. According to Ramos, more reporters need to act the way he did last year: by being rude, loud and aggressive. The same rhetoric liberal journalists criticize Trump for…

Ramos last year for his clashed with Trump on immigration policy. He was ejected from a press conference for making rude catcalls to Trump and rudely interrupted other reporters who had been called on to ask questions.

On CNN, Ramos makes the charge journalists need to step up their game:

“And I think in this case, neutrality is really not an option. I think we have to take a stand, and in this case, Donald Trump is a unique figure in American politics. We haven’t seen this in decades, since probability Senator Joe McCarthy.”

Liberal New York Times columnist Charles Blow also joined Ramos, arguing on CNN by bashing a Trump supporter Paris Dennard:

“To let somebody like this come on and say what Hillary Clinton is doing is suppressing the white vote by pointing out what Donald Trump has said in his life, that’s just patently false, ridiculous. … I’m not letting that slide. This guy should not be allowed to come on television and say something like that.”