Hostile. Ignorant. Racist. Evil. These are the words the liberal media and politicians from both sides of the political aisle choose to describe Donald Trump. Since his announcement to run for president exactly one year ago, Trump has been in the critical eye of American media every step of the way, continuously being lambasted, ridiculed and exiled because he chooses to speak in a manner that isn’t the “norm” associated with politics.

Trump has beaten 16 Republican candidates, most of them established politicians. While his party rival Hillary Clinton still struggles to out beat a 74-year-old socialist and a possibly impending indictment from the FBI, Trump has consistently been a winner. But we all know that, and so does the media. They use it to their narrative to say Trump is ruthless, cold hearted and a narcissistic businessman who will do anything to achieve making the “perfect business deal.” But there’s something the liberal media, politicians, and even American voters forget about and get wrong about Trump every time.

He cares. In a world where our politicians seem apathetic to actual American interests (President Obama) or are corrupt to the bone with a false practiced smile (Hillary), Trump is blatantly honest and non-politically correct because he cares about America. He cares about the people who have helped build the American infrastructure, and he cares when they are hurt by the elected people who are supposed to look out for him.

While Trump may be loud and boisterous during his popular rallies, story after story from Americans who have met him one on one say he is a kindhearted, genuine man who cares about their stories. He has been described as a listener and attentive when he deals with individuals one on one, and has emotional sincerity in his voice when the topic is difficult.

A case in point is the aftermath of 9/11. Stephanie Vardavas, who worked for Nike, told a story about how emotional The Donald was after the 9/11 attacks and how Trump thanked her during a chance meeting for the company’s decision to give thousands of socks to those who volunteered in the clean-up effort. Vardavas was critical of Trump prior due to his wealth and rambunctious televised persona, but said after simply talking to him for a few minutes she found him to be empathetic. There was no facade. There was no ploy. He was just Donald: a caring American.

As for Hillary? Well, there’s a whole book that details her sociopathic behavior during her time as First Lady. And the book is from one of her close Secret Service agents, a person who was consistently exposed to her presence 24/7. While she was rude and bitter, he was subjected to protecting her life.

But the media never chooses to cover these stories. They focus their output on Trump, portraying him as something he is not. Trump doesn’t have to run for President. He could have sat comfortably on his millions of dollars and Mar-a-Lago estate at 70 years old. But he didn’t. Instead, Trump chose to run for president of the United States because he cares about the future, the safety, and the people of America.