The backlash and exaggeration over Donald Trump’s Second Amendment comments have finally reached a breaking point of absurdity.

Outlets have reported that the U.S. Secret Service agency was concerned when Trump said Hillary Clinton wants to “abolish” the amendment, interpreting the comments as that of allowing Americans to bear arms and supporters should take matters into their own hands. The campaign told the Secret Service that Donald Trump did not intend to incite violence.

But now, the Secret Service reports Trump is currently under investigation. Unbelievable.

However, Jason Wells, a 9-year Special Agent and Investigative Analyst for the U.S. Secret Service, says that in his op-ed for Quora that if any other citizen made the comment, they would be investigated:

“The original question is: How would the Secret Service respond if a member of the public said what Trump said about the Second Amendment and Clinton? I would bet a buffalo nickel that agents would have responded to whoever made those statements and confirmed that the individual was not a threat to the protectee.

I will further add that I am confident that they took the same action against Mr. Trump. I would be shocked if they didn’t review it or discuss it with the Trump camp in some manner.”