Many liberal media circuits have been making arguments regarding who Hillary Clinton will choose as her running mate for the November 2016 election. While deliberation is extensive over who Donald Trump will pick from his “shortlist,” though close Trump-ally Dr. Ben Carson debunks the limit, many liberals are pinpointing one particular person to be Hillary’s running mate. It’s not Democratic Secretary of Urban Housing and Development Julian Castro, who is Hispanic ally of Obama’s yet many feel he does not have a strong enough pull. It’s not Bernie Sanders, who is still just in a muddled mess of whether he will fully support Hillary.

The individual is actually female Senator Elizabeth Warren, or sometimes known as “Pocahontas” according to Trump. The argument being made by liberals is that while it may be risky having two women on the Democratic ticket (and both white, since liberals fear anti-diversity), Warren has the progressive backgrounds and trait many millenials lavished over with Bernie. Not only that, but Warren is undoubtedly the harshest and most critical Trump hater of them all.

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Warren never fails to bring up Trump’s name during her speeches. Every last preaching chance she has had at events has been reoriented to bash, lambast and criticize Trump.The two often spar on Twitter, never failing to make headlines the next day. Liberals and Democrats believe since Hillary is weak when it comes to commitment and honesty, Warren will be the best bet to promote a “borrowed” socialist agenda from Sanders while also proving to be a politically vocal challenge to Trump.

Luckily for Trump, he’s already proven through evidence on Twitter Warren has been against Hillary in the past. He will undoubtedly use this to his advantage to undermine her credibility should she be chosen as the running mate to Clinton.