Last night launched the much awaited Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly interview on Kelly’s new primetime special, Megyn Kelly Presents. Trump got deep down into how he viewed the race up until this point, with the considerable following statement: “I will say this: If I don’t go all the way, and if I don’t win, I will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money.”

Trump does have a point. He has made it this far by crushing 16 other presidential candidates in the primaries rivaling for the nomination, and some were part of the loaded GOP establishment. He has been ostracized by the media since day one, and even increasingly more so as November looms closer and Democrats take their chances with establishment puppet Hillary Clinton. And yet, Trump still has resistant support from Republican elites despite a vast majority of conservative Americans rallying behind him. The man has conquered a lot in these past few months, proving he is a fighter, so his insight on not winning the presidency and it being a waste of time makes a whole lot of sense.

Kelly then brought up the topic of their heated debacle during the first debate last summer when Kelly asked him the off-topic question about how he treated women. Trump was sincerely honest with the host about how he still views her quizzical attack. “I thought it was unfair,” Trump said of the question.  “And I’m saying to myself, man, what a question. I don’t really blame you because you’re doing your thing, but from my standpoint, I don’t have to like it.”

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Bygones be bygones? Trump also went in deeply about his personal life, such as the media attacking his family, as well as his brother Fred dying from alcohol abuse. “I have never had a glass of alcohol,” he said, calling his brother’s death the “hardest thing for me to take.

Not only did Trump finish the interview saying he will take the role of president “very seriously,” he also ends with an introspective take on how he viewed his role of this election year: “I really view myself now as somewhat of a messenger… This is a massive thing that’s going on. These are millions and millions of people that have been disenfranchised from this country.”

The interview can be watched below: