A dormant liberal commentator has come out of the shadows to jump on the bandwagon of bashing presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, who has stirred up a warring media frenzy since his veterans press conference on Tuesday where he attacked the media for their harsh bias against him.

However, Keith Olbermann thinks the news media is going way too easy on the Republican candidate. On Wednesday, Olbermann accused the national press of declining to ask Trump the “tough questions” because it could risk their press credential access to the candidate, and that would then mean a decline in revenue.

“If he is scheduled to do 20 Trump town halls for you between now and the election, thus saving you about a month’s worth of production costs for your average cable news show (a million or two, depending on how much you pay your meat puppet), you don’t examine what’s going on inside of a man who could first pretend to be his own media spokesman, then boast about his own sexual conquests in the third person, then admit the deception to a reporter, then again admit it on the legal record, then deny it on national television, then when pressed about it by the Washington Post simply hang up the phone,” Olbermann wrote.

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Oblermann does have somewhat of a point: Trump has proven to drive ratings and readership skyward during an era of increasing financial instability in the news industry. His presence and image in the race has provided a boost in advertisement rates for TV news.

Trump’s relationship with the national media has become increasingly combative due to their negative portrayal of him. Trump purposely held the press conference Tuesday to debunk the media’s accusations of handling the veteran donations. So while Oblermann may have a point about Trump’s existence providing financial assistance and revitalization to news media, he is wrong about the reporters going “soft” on him. They truly get a kick out of beating up Trump.