Kamal Nawash is a Muslim practicing Arab immigrant who came to Louisiana in the U.S. following the horrors and disruptions from his home country of Palestine. Considering his background, many would assume Nawash probably isn’t voting Republican. But in fact, Nawash has been a Republican since 1988, and he is a huge Donald Trump fan.

“[Trump’s] telling people that are used to being bosses, ‘f— you, I’ve been a boss all my life and I’m going to be a boss even over you,” said the successful 46-year-old D.C. lawyer. “I respect people who understand how to make a deal. Most of these other politicians don’t know how to make a deal.”

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When asked in an interview by al Jazeera about Trump’s statement on banning all Muslims, Nawash played it off and was not worried. “He never said, ‘I want a ban on all Muslims.’ He said, ‘Let’s look at this in light of the terrorist attacks’.” Nawash also believes this tactic helped Trump stay relevant and win the primaries. “It kept him in the news. It gave him two extra weeks in the news cycle,” Nawash said.

Nawash also reveals he has met plenty of others in both the Muslim and Arab communities who support Donald Trump and his views.