Thousands of people waited in line for hours to attend a Trump campaign rally Monday in Columbus, Ohio, but many were turned away at the door when the city fire marshall limited the event to only 1,000 people.

Mr. Trump was not happy, telling reporters before the event that the half-empty venue could have held four or five thousand people, but the audience was limited “purely for political reasons.”

Part of the huge exhibit hall was walled off with a curtain, and massive empty spaces remained that could have accommodated many more people.

The fire marshall claimed the 1,000-person limit was planned in advance and agreed to by Trump’s staff.   Not so, says Trump, whose events have always been packed and overflowing.

“They said in this massive building you’re not allowed to have any more than a thousand people. And that’s nonsense,” Trump vented. “We could’ve had four, five, six thousand people. They’ve all been turned away.”

‘It’s a disgrace,’ he added as he began to speak. “Look at the size of this place!  Is the mayor a Democrat? Is he a Democrat over here? That’s what I heard. He ought to be ashamed of himself.”

The Daily Mail reported that the venue is a 72,000 square-foot building designed to seat 4,140 people at banquet tables.   Without tables, the capacity would be much more.