On Monday, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump announced if he wins the presidency in November he will repeal the transgender bathroom directive the Obama administration sent out last Friday to public schools across the nation. Trump argues states should be the ones to make decisions such as these, and that Obama clearly overstepped a red line to impose a federal directive as controversial as this one.

However, there is a catch. In his take on the subject in a Washington Post interview, Trump does note the U.S. government was designed to protect all people. “It is a very, very small portion of the population, but as I said, you have to protect everybody, including small portions of the population,” Trump said.

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Trump’s compassionate tone on the subject is clearly different than his Republican constituents, but it seems as if Trump wants to find an alternative method through the states rather than Obama’s imposed national government directive. Where Obama sees it as a modern civil rights issue, Trump views it as a “people thing.”

“I think we have to help people,” Trump said. “I don’t view it as civil rights or not civil rights. I think it’s something where we have to help people — and hopefully the states will make the right decisions.”