Donald Trump announced Friday that his wife and children “are all going to be speaking” at the nominating convention that kicks off in just over two weeks. Prominent Republican leaders continue to refuse to line up behind their nominee-to-be and have chose to sit out from giving speeches at the convention. But this has not phased Trump, as he is now turning to his family, sports figures and business leaders to give speeches at the Republican National Convention

This unorthodox yet favored approach will set the 2016 convention apart from past conventions packed with current and former elected officials. Trump has previously mentioned the convention will be sports champions theme, and will be a whole lot more fun than the mundane 2012 convention Romney held. And while certain organizations are attempting to back out of their deals, advertisements and showcases, this has done little to undermine Trump.

In fact, the Never Trump movement isn’t gaining a lot of traction, and delegates are falling in line despite some attempting to protest their votes.

Romney and Sen. John McCain of Arizona have said they won’t be attending the convention in Cleveland. And several of Trump’s GOP rivals, including the host state’s governor, John Kasich, also won’t take the stage at the convention.