In the days following the Republican National Convention, the latest polling numbers show Trump has grown a lead over Clinton.

According to polling averages from RealClearPolitics. Trump edged out Clinton on July 24 and he has grown his lead to about 1 percent as of July 26. While a 1 percent increase may not seem like much, it has become apparent this increase for Trump is going to continue.

According to a recent poll of economists and financial experts, findings show that Clinton’s chances of winning in November seem to be declining. The July CNBC Fed Survey, which polled 43 Wall Street pros, revealed a 28 percent drop for Clinton. In June, 80 percent of respondents said they thought Clinton will win in the general. But in July, only 52 percent said they thought Clinton will win.

These results have to give Clinton anxiety and keep her up at night. The candidate who she thought she would beat in a landslide is now on track to winning the White House in November