As the 2016 election progresses, so does presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s list of supporters and endorsers. Over this weekend, Trump picked up another big money donor, who was once a major financial backer to Rick Santorum’s campaign back in the 2012 race.  American businessman and supporter of conservative Christian causes Foster Friess said Saturday he has donated to Republican Trump’s presidential campaign and will be “enthusiastically supporting him” to win the election against Hillary Clinton.

“I believe that as Republicans continue to unite behind Donald Trump, he’ll become an even better candidate,” Friess wrote to USA Today regarding his support f0r Trump. He also urges the GOP elite needs to start quickly rallying behind Trump sooner than later, considering the “stark” choice between Trump and Hillary.

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Of Hillary’s possible Supreme Court picks, Friess writes her choices would “limit our freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and our ability to preserve our lives and the lives of our family, by confiscating our guns and accelerating our movement down the present perilous path.”