A highly acclaimed Republican economist and former speechwriter for ex-President Richard Nixon has come out to support Donald Trump… rather reluctantly. While his reluctance to board the Trump Train is well noted, he assures that out of all three candidates (Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders), Trump is the way to go.

In an interview with the Guardian, Ben Stein burned Trump by criticizing him as businessman. “He is not a great businessman. He inherited a great deal of money. He did some successful real estate deals. Hardly anyone could miss doing successful real estate deals in New York considering the incredible boom that has taken place and the very low base point when he started out. He is not a great businessman at all – in no way,” said Stein.

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Stein was also quick to shun Trump on his economic policies. “I think Trump is popular because he says: I am going to go to China and get those jobs back. But he is not going to be able to do that. And any attempt to try would be a disaster. I don’t think Trump knows a goddamn thing about economics,” Stein confessed.

However, despite his responsive charge at Trump and difference of opinion, Stein claims he will still vote for Trump and give support come November. “I like him anyway, I might add,” finished Stein. “I’ll vote for him, by the way. I’ll vote for him because I think he does personify a kind of national pride which I think has been lacking in the Obama days and would be terribly lacking under Bernie Sanders and terribly lacking under Hillary Clinton.”