Way back in August of 2015 during the first televised GOP debate for the presidency of 2016, current presumptive nominee Donald Trump engaged in a dispute with FOX News anchor and journalist Megyn Kelly over a series of off-related questions. The debacle spurred animosity between the two for months.

However, Kelly has recently reached out to Trump in hopes of amends, and was even granted an exclusive interview with him. A few days ago, it was reported Kelly was snuck in alone into Trump Tower to avoid media attention. She sat with him for an hour asking questions about his presidential prospects, and even discussion regarding their previous dispute is brought up.

Has bad blood been washed away? Viewers will find out on May 17 (Tuesday) at 8pm, when Kelly plans to air the interview on her primetime special on the FOX Broadcast Network. For now, a preview of the interview can be watched below during her own sit down with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.