After another long week for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, the presidential candidate has revealed who he chosen as his adviser on energy and the environment. While we know his choices for abortion and immigration, Trump has been relatively mum on where he stands on environmental issues. Trump has therefore chosen Rep. Kevin Cramer (R–North Dakota).

Cramer shares Trump’s views on renegotiating the Paris climate treaty and the Clean Power Plan, and he is also an opponent to the view of climate change. Cramer is from North Dakota, one of the largest producers of oil and coal in the nation.

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Critics of Cramer claim Cramer is “anti-science” and his denial of climate change makes him ineligible to be the adviser of energy and environmental issues to Trump. Both he and Trump believe climate change is a corporate scam, preached to essentially make liberal elites rich.

What do you think of Trump’s choice?