Donald Trump just lent out new hints about his possible vice presidential pick. In an interview with Bloomberg Politics on Wednesday, the Republican presidential candidate revealed he has narrowed the VP choices down to five people, and that one of them was a former rival during the primaries who hasn’t endorsed him.

Trump predicts the candidate in question will “come over to my side,” but did not give the name of the ex-rival. This could lead to possibilities of John Kasich or “Lyin’ Ted Cruz,” rivals who have not offered endorsement to the mass-delegate winner. Although, Kasich seems more likely over Cruz given he and Trump’s history.

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Trump said there are two respected military officials being considered. He also elaborated his own business acumen is enough, and won’t likely pick a business executive — and definitely not someone from Wall Street. “No, no, I don’t think so,” Trump said. “I don’t need that type of ability. I have that ability, better than they have.”

The Donald made it clear the reveal for VP won’t be coming anytime soon, and he would prefer to reveal it the old fashion way at the convention in July.