Donald Trump has hired Bob Paduchik, the Republican operative who led the last two winning GOP campaigns in Ohio presidential politics to run his 2016 campaign there. Paduchik was previously the Ohio manager for George W. Bush’s successful 2000 and 2004 Buckeye State operations, and will now do the same for Trump, the Ohio Republican Party said.

“Bob Paduchik is one of the best campaign managers in America. He is a well-known and respected operative in Ohio with a great record of success,” said Matt Borges, the chairman of the state GOP. Paduchik also managed Rob Portman’s successful 2010 Senate race.
Trump, who has a minimal campaign staff compared to Hillary Clinton’s sprawling staffed-out empire, has begun hiring state directors in recent weeks. And Trump’s most plausible path to the White House almost certainly goes through Ohio, where its heavily white, manufacturing base is expected to give Trump a boost in November. Trump lost Ohio in the Republican primary, and the state’s governor and failed presidential candidate, John Kasich, has declined to endorse him.