When it comes to counterattacks to remarks made against him, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump doesn’t hold back. These past few days alone, he has countered back on London Mayor Sadiq Khan for calling him ignorant, actor George Clooney for calling him non-presidential, and both the Washington Post and New York Times for releasing false information in articles against him. Now, Trump redirects his energy to the staunch liberal Democrat, Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren has consistently been firing off tweets at Trump, vying for his attention to publicly call him sexist, xenophobic, racist, dangerous, etc. Trump has mostly ignored her, but he then fired back, calling her “Goofy Elizabeth” and teasing the Massachusetts Senator about her claimed Native American heritage, which Trump deems “phony.”

When New York Times writer Maureen Dowd asked Trump if he has been “chided by any Republicans” for his Twitter dispute with Warren, Trump humorously retorts “You mean Pocahontas?”

Boom. Another win for Trump.

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