One year ago today, President Donald J. Trump won the presidential election that would make him the 45th president of the United States.

Wednesday, his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, posted two messages on Twitter congratulating his father, and started a new hashtag: #MAGAversary.

He shared several photos from election night, including one of himself holding one of his children, with the caption, “Happy #MAGAversary this is Kai w/ grandpa @realDonaldTrump at about 3 am one year ago today. The latest she had ever been up but she couldn’t leave.”

Several additional photos were shared on Trump Jr’s Instagram page, which are shown below. One photo is of Trump Jr holding another child, with the caption, “Voting with Chloe last year on Election Day. It was a close call between Grandpa and a write in Elmo but in the end she went with grandpa😂… she wants to #maga.”