“I was watching this tragedy that took place today and over the last few days,” Donald Trump said to a roaring crowd at Raleigh, North Carolina Tuesday night. “It’s a tragedy because we’re a country of law. Other people have been so badly hurt by doing things so much less than crooked Hillary Clinton. So much less. So much less.”

His impassioned statements come after Hillary Clinton was basically let off the hook by the FBI for the email scandal, despite their claims of calling her actions as Secretary of State “careless.” Much of the speculation for the decision began with Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s “impromptu” meeting with former President and Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton.

The crowd of 3,000 Americans concurred with the GOP contender’s speech. Trump was consistently interrupted by waves of passionate cheering, as well as condemnation against Hillary every time her name was brought up. Following the liberal media’s attack on Trump over a ridiculously perceived anti-Semitic tweet, Trump had a blast with the positive crowd in Raleigh.

Most of Trump’s speech was focused on a singular message: excoriating Clinton, hours after FBI director James Comey said that Clinton’s private email didn’t warrant criminal charges. Comey also said that the FBI found, contrary to Clinton’s previous claims, a number of emails that contained information classified at the time the emails were sent.

“So, like a criminal with a guilty conscience, Clinton had her lawyers delete, destroy and wipe away forever,” Trump said.