Rush Limbaugh is the most listened to radio show host in the United States.  It was reported last week, Rush will not agree to endorse Trump until after the RNC Convention in July.   But on Friday he revealed something about Trump which surprised many people.

During the part of the show when he takes callers, a man asked Rush if he ever advised Donald Trump.  Limbaugh admitted there was one occasion where he did:

“I have never advised him. Not personally. I take it back. When the (John) McCain thing happened in the campaign last fall, I did get a call from Mr. Trump, just to say hi,” Limbaugh recalled, according to a transcript of his show. “It was about a week after he had said that he doesn’t like military people that get captured. He’d prefer to support military people that don’t get captured, and he was talking about McCain. And he asked me if I thought he should apologize. I said, ‘Not now, it’s a week, no, no, no, don’t.’ That’s it. That’s the only time, Quinn. I’m not an advisor. I’m not a confidant. There are all kinds of other people who are, but I’m not.”