Trump’s attacks on New Mexico governor just sent a message to GOP holdouts they can’t ignore.

During his campaign rally in New Mexico Tuesday evening, Donald Trump repeatedly criticized Governor Susana Martinez, who has refused to endorse him and said she did not have time to attend the rally – despite the fact she is also a Republican.

The Washington Examiner wrote that Trump’s public criticism has raised questions about whether he plans to punish some of the vulnerable GOP senators who have kept their distance from him up to this point.

House Republicans, who are some of Trump’s biggest supporters, aren’t worried.  NY Rep. Chris Collins said of Martinez, “when she basically was not enthusiastic about endorsing him, you could call that king of a swing, so he kind of punched back… that’s Donald being Donald.”

“That’s why I think it’s better to get on board with Trump,” one lawmaker who supports Trump said, on condition of anonymity.   “Donald Trump has always said he’s a great counter-puncher.  I think this is a message to people around the world: If you hit the United States, the United States is going to hit you back. He’s a counterpuncher. You’re not going to push us around.”