Donald trump has recently came out and stated that President Barack Obama’s appearance on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton looks like “a carnival act.”

At Trump’s campaign rally in North Carolina on Tuesday night he said, “We have a person in the White House that’s having a lot of fun. I watched him today, it’s like a carnival act.” With all the issues this country faces, trump suggested Obama should be spending his time fixing the nations issues instead of running around with Hillary, stating “he should be home working on ISIS, where the threat is getting worse and worse, he should be working on trade, he should be working on the borders.”

Trump then went on to mock Obama’s concern over climate change and carbon emissions, as the president is so quick to jump on the fuel guzzling Air Force One.

“This guy — he gets on this plane. Flies to Hawaii. He’s there for a long time. Golf, golf, golf, golf. More, more. Learning how to chip, learning how to hit the drive, learning how to putt,” Trump attacked. “ISIS is laughing at us, they’re chopping off heads, they’re drowning us in steel cages, and he’s out there playing golf.”

These comments came after Obama criticized Trump in North Carolina.

Obama stated, “This isn’t a reality show. This is reality. And being president of the United States means you have to deal with reality. When a crisis hits, you can’t just walk off the set. You can’t fire the scriptwriter. You can’t be reckless. You don’t have the luxury of just saying what’s in your head. You’ve gotta actually do your homework.”